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Sean serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Sapphire Education, an ExecutiveLeadership and Life Coaching Firm where he consults Fortune 500 companies, celebrity clients like Kanye West, and school system leaders. Previously serving thousands of students in urban, marginalized areas as a Principal for almost a decade and a Head of Schools where he was responsible for managing principals across multiple states, Sean has been sought out by some of the nation's largest school districts to improve education and life outcomes for students.


He is also the host of "Walk In Your Excellence" the podcast; covering a range of topics around the social and political climate of Americawhere he highlights change agents and activists in their fields.

A Cornell University graduate and Teach For America Alum, Sean has served in some of America's most under-resourced school districts and drastically transformed systems through his leadership. After publishing his first book, "UnSeen Thoughts" and traveling as a motivational speaker, he went back to school to obtain a Master's degree in Education Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy from New York University, and a doctorate degree in Leadership and Learning in Organizations from Vanderbilt University.

As a speaker at over 100 events throughout his career, Sean has served as a keynote at Cornell University, Columbia University, Hunter College, Essence Festival and more.

Press features include ABC's Good Morning America, NY Times, Fox, Essence, SheenMagazine, and Roland Martin's Washington Watch on TV One.

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